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Live by Your Values

"Being rich is having money, Being wealthy is having time"

— Henry Ward Beecher

Close your eyes and imagine... What will you do when your money works for you? Go ahead and get creative, but make sure you're also realistic. If you were to die tomorrow, what would you want said about you at your memorial? If you're not living that now, what do you need to change? Don't underestimate your values in your lifestyle. Everything we do in life should be (but not always is) motivated by our values. Our values should impact who we marry, what our family looks like, what kind of job we have, and how we manage our daily money decisions, summing up how we live our life. If we are financially happy, our values are in sync with how we choose to work for an income and what we prioritize in spending our money. The challenge is creating the financial plan to accompany your values based lifestyle. The goal is financial happiness. The reason to do it, is to make peace with your lifestyle, seek harmony between your income, savings, and expenses; and work the financial plan to embrace your future.

Let's be honest, as important as values are, we don't often take the time to write them down or lay out the roadmap of living a life according to our values. DO I need to bring up the challenges? The Gucci purse, the new Tesla model T luxury car, bigger house, competing with what your friends or neighbors have and you don't... There's Facebook envy, and more material things that tempt us every day. As I write this, you may be thinking and dreaming of your next big purchase. Go ahead, I'll admit it too.

Regardless of whether you have $100,000 or ten million dollars, do you want to create a plan to live and spend your money in accordance to your values, or do you want to leave it to chance? It's a scary thought as it may mean changing your environment. If time is more important to you than your income but you have too much overhead, you have to downsize. Before being intimidated, think of how much happier you may be, living a lifestyle you value.

It's completely overwhelming if your living a complicated life. To simplify it, start addressing some of the issues today and over time tackle more. The choices you have to make will get easier as long as you have the eye on the prize. Go ahead, close your eyes and imagine... what would do if your money worked for you?

The next step is yours. You can get distracted easily, or you can choose to seize the moment, and put down in writing now, how you want to live your life. It's time to put all of the distractions down and prioritize financial happiness and a more meaningful lifestyle. You do not have to go it alone. We are here to offer an unbiased objective voice to help steer your money choices in sync with your values. Financial happiness is in reach, get to the drawing board.

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