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The TechGirl Financial Podcast 

Designed specifically for Women in Technology the “TechGirl Financial Podcast,” provides financial planning and wealth management insights empowering listeners to live a work-optional lifestyle.

The program curates current financial themes, discusses important investment and planning concepts, and shares candid interviews with clients, partners, and industry thought leaders.  If you have a guest you think we should consider on the show, please share it below.

The Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Music as other media players as well as our website.

LATEST EPISODE - S5EO4: Take Charge of Your 401(k) 

In this podcast we share how investors can take charge of their employee sponsored retirement savings plans and the options they have when changing jobs or retiring.

 Based on our whitepaper of the same name, podcast highlights include: 

  • Powerful information that could potentially save you in taxes and fees
  • Tips to help you put one step ahead in your retirement preparations
  • How to avoid critical mistakes

Contact us if you'd like to learn more.

BONUS EPISODE - Kim Gaxiola on the Cambridge Stronger Podcast with Amy Webber

As a recent recipient of the Spirit of Cambridge Award at our National Conference in Nashville, Kim was invited to participate in the Cambridge Stronger Podcast hosted by Amy Webber, CEO of Cambridge.  In the episode, Kim shares how she got her start, what she's learned along the way and how TechGirl Financial leverages technology to connect and serve clients. 

We are grateful to Amy for this outstanding opportunity to share our story and how we continue to embody Cambridge's core values- Integrity, Commitment, Kindness, and Flexibility.

Featured Podcast Series and Seasons

Talking About Money Series

Based on the book Breaking Money Silence® by Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, we break down how to have challenging conversations about money at home and the workplace.

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Financial Professional Series

This series introduces the complicated nature of a client's financial journey with a panel of experts sharing how they help navigate the path.

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TechGirl Financial Podcast- Season 1

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TechGirl Financial Podcast- Season 2

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TechGirl Financial Podcast- Season 3

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TechGirl Financial Podcast- Season 4

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As a listener, you are part of the process and we encourage you to ask questions, make comments and offer suggestions for future shows. To participate, please send an e-mail to or join the conversation on Twitter with Victor Gaxiola (@victorgaxiola) and Kim Gaxiola (@kimgaxiola) using the hashtag #AskTGF. We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.

Have a question or an idea for a future show?  Let us know below

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