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How to Establish a Solid Financial Foundation

What would YOU do with two million dollars?

It is time to close your eyes, imagine and DREAM BIG!


Did you imagine buying your dream house, paying off debt, buying a sports car, or a dream vacation?

What if instead of going on an insane shopping spree, you invested the money and built your dreams off the interest? That is what happens when you let your money work for you!

So let’s do some dreaming and find out how investing benefits and works for you, vs. buying.

Once invested, the two million gets to work. Big banks shoot large interest rates at you, but the most common interest rate is 4%.

Hmm… 4%… That does not sound like a large percentage. But 4% of two million is $80,000 a year! Remember, your two million dollars is still there; this is your money working for YOU!

Realistically, most people do not have two million dollars floating around, but you could! Everyone has a goal to become financially independent, and within this Smart Learning Library could be the answer to assist with your goal of reaching financial independence.

Within the Smart Learning Library we discuss:

  • How to Establish Credit
  • Why it is important to have, and how to use it responsibly
  • Using workplace benefits, benefits are the core to your financial foundation
  • How to become an entrepreneur, if that is the road you are interested in taking
  • How to invest “sudden money” like from a trust from the passing of a loved one or DREAMING BIG… winning the lottery!
  • Or… lucky enough to be involved in an IPO (Initial Public Offering)

So please visit the Smart Learning Library often, we are always adding new information, helpful tips and tricks, and together we can dream big and reach financial independence!

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