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Welcome to TechGirl Financial

Welcome to TechGirl Financial

September 11, 2012

Presented by Kim Gaxiola

We are a resource for women in technology to guide and support career growth in the technology industry. Recently I attended a Women In Technology International (WITI) Tech Summit and one of the panelists there shared that busy women in tech are outsourcing the errand running, cooking, and cleaning in their households so their time at home can be spent better with family. For those of us juggling many tasks between work and personal lives, you know life does get easier when we learn to delegate. As women in technology move up in their careers, they are finding themselves tasked with more responsibilities and complicated financial concerns. You are not alone.

At TechGirl Financial we serve women in technology by managing their investments, IRAs and money goals. We partner with our clients to make financial decisions. We make the process easy, seamless and customized to suit your style.

Why does TechGirl Financial focus on women in technology? We find that many of the characteristics that make women strong candidates for financial independence are those held by many women in the tech sector. Do you possess some of these characteristics: smart, confident, decisive, educated? If so, we’d love to chat!

Wow – that’s a tough criteria!

Let me explain before we get off on the wrong foot.


When I say smart – I don’t mean IQ. Do you have the capacity to make smart goals? (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely)? If you can run through the SMART process, you are on your way towards setting up your own financial independence.


You must have the confidence in yourself to make decisions and follow them through. You must also have confidence to hire others to supplement the weaknesses you know you possess. (and yes, we all have weaknesses-shocker!) Our weaknesses are tasks we are better off delegating.


YES or NO! Black or White! Beatles or Elvis! Maybe kills opportunity. If you can’t make decisions, you’ll have an extremely hard time doing anything with your money. Money under the mattress is not a reliable investment tool, and hope is not a strategy. You don’t have to make the decisions alone, but you do need to make a choice.


Are you educated or have a willingness to learn? You don’t have to know everything about the financial markets, the economy, or even investments for that matter. (That’s my job!) But you should know, or be ready to learn, that building a solid financial foundation means having a safety net, strong cash flow, and a plan to,manage what you own (assets) and what you owe (liabilities). This is what it takes to begin your journey towards financial independence.

Now that we’ve defined the people we like working with, are you the right fit? Although, we’ve challenged you to be decisive – it’s o.k. if you’re still a little unsure…for a limited time that is! Stick around, read the blog and check back frequently. If you find yourself liking us more and more, let us know. We also encourage you to share our content with friends. We’ll be ready to serve you when you need to make that next important financial decision.

Thanks for being here!