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Gaxiola Financial Group’s Wardrobe Change: TechGirl Financial

Gaxiola Financial Group’s Wardrobe Change: TechGirl Financial

October 15, 2013

Gaxiola Financial Group’s Wardrobe Change

Ready or not, here comes fall. I think I’m ready, are you? It takes a while here in California to really see a difference in seasons, but at least there are holidays like Halloween to get us in the mood. Change is happening all across the country as the outdoor moves from summer to fall and then winter. Out goes the summer clothes, here come the heavier winter styles. What’s different this fall from your last fall season?

With the change of seasons, Gaxiola Financial Group is going through a wardrobe change too. We’ve been working on a re-brand and its unveiling has come. Welcome TechGirl Financial. I compare it to a wardrobe change because the planner behind it all, that would be me, at the core hasn’t changed a bit. I’m just a bit wiser each year. The advice is still the same, but the delivery has shifted. Because we are all consuming information in different ways, I am committed to keep up with the technology and bring advice and communications along with it. The name TechGirl Financial has many appropriate meanings, but keeping up with the times, heavily influenced by our surrounding technology, is key in the delivery of financial advice.

Why Girl? Because I refuse even at the age of 40 to be addressed as a woman! This is pretty typical of many GenX peers of mine. Bringing up another point: while I’m largely focused on the Baby Boomer generation, generation X is accumulating assets and needs help too. I want to be approachable for multiple generations to come.

What does that mean to you? How do you prefer to receive your communications? Phone, email, Facebook, LinkedIn? As I recently flew to Chicago for a conference and met with some clients too, the personal face to face time doesn’t change. We must be in communication in the meantime, and it’s good to know how to reach you. Another great benefit to you will be the information I post online through my new blog There are common questions I get reflective upon the season. I will address those trends in the blog, and from time to time may point you there to deliver some ideas that may help you in your financial journey.

I invite you to bookmark the new site, register at TechGirl Financial on Facebook, subscribe to RSS feeds, or follow on Twitter. These are the best ways to keep current on the news I continue to deliver in a prompt manner. There will be webinars and videos hosted and you are all welcome to participate and invite a friend along with you. I’m never too busy to help you, a friend, or family member in need of some financial guidance.

Happy Fall to everyone!