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15 Seconds of Fame for a Tweeting Dog

15 Seconds of Fame for a Tweeting Dog

January 09, 2014

TechGirl Financial is pleased to feature Victor Gaxiola as guest blogger for the day. Some of you know, Victor is the idea guy behind TechGirl Financial. Others know Victor because they worked with him at Gaxiola Financial Group in the past. While my husband Victor doesn’t work with me on a day to day basis, he is still a big believer in me, the work that I do for my clients, and spreading the news of what’s new at TechGirl Financial. Thanks Victor, for helping me out and always being there. I hope you enjoy this fun article about the use of social media today.

Provided by Kim Gaxiola

15 Seconds of Fame for a Tweeting Dog

Today’s blog post is by Victor Gaxiola, Subject Matter Expert: Social Media, Actiance. Follow Victor @VictorGaxiola or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Meet Nano, he’s our family dog and has a Twitter account (@NanoSuperDog). Like everyone else, Nano uses it to tweet about his active life, deep thoughts, and experiences. He often gets in on social trends and uses Twitter to give him a voice beyond his backyard home. He’s also a BIG fan of Katy Perry.

For those that know me, it’s unlikely to be too much of a surprise that our family dog tweets, and the account was started to share with our kids the power of social media and the ability to communicate, share and connect. Sometimes, Nano will communicate directly with them, especially if he needs to be fed or take a walk (normal dog stuff).

Well…this past New Year’s Eve, we tried something for Nano that was a little different, and on a bigger stage.

I was watching a New Year’s Eve live stream from Times Square and a billboard in the background caught my attention. Having been to Times Square a few times this past year, I know that brands will provide people the opportunity to have their photo or tweets displayed in large lights if you use a specific hashtag. This year Bank of America was encouraging users to tweet a photo and use hashtag #TSQ14 for an opportunity to make the big board on Times Square.

On a whim, I used Nano’s profile photo, added some text and sent the following tweet and photo via Instragram using the hashtag #TSQ14. I figured we had a shot, but didn’t tell anyone what we were doing.

Hours later as I was celebrating with the family, I received the following tweet from Bank of America. To our surprise and the delight of the kids, @NanoSuperDog made the big board.

What made this experience special was that throughout the night the kids had been watching the New Year’s Eve festivities on television and witnessed the ball drop at midnight (9pm/Pacific). They were aware what a big deal bringing in the New Year is in New York and how Times Square becomes a focal point of the celebration. This little experiment made them feel like they in some small way had participated in the event LIVE in Times Square via an unlikely proxy- their little dog Nano, nay their now “famous” dog Nano.

Somehow, dressed in a bow tie and wishing everyone a happy and safe new year he had been part of the Times Square madness. It’s provided them a story that they have shared with all of their friends and repeated to anyone that will listen. It’s also made them look at Nano in a whole new light, and the possibilities that social media offers. If their dog can make it to the lights of Broadway via a simple tweet, what can they do and accomplish? What’s in store for them?

So as we start off 2014- I wish you all a very Happy New Year and challenge you to consider the possibilities of what’s to come and what you can accomplish this year. Nano may have already reached his 15 seconds of fame for the year, but like me, won’t stop there. How about you?

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