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The TechGirl Financial Podcast - Season 3

Designed specifically for Women in Technology the “TechGirl Financial Podcast,” provides financial planning and wealth management insights empowering listeners to live a work-optional lifestyle.

The program curates current financial themes, discusses important investment and planning concepts, and candid interviews with clients, partners, and industry thought leaders.

Episode 1- Stronger Than Coronavirus

The world has been consumed with the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on our daily lives. Driven by fear and uncertainty, the financial markets continue to exhibit a high level of volatility and despite the chaos, we remain positive and optimistic about the future.

Join us as we share our insights on current events, what we are doing to address the pandemic, and how to make the most of the time at home. At the end of the podcast we share an interview with our good friend, Dr. Jason Bellak of the Oklahoma Institute of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology on the Coronavirus pandemic. We are stronger than the Coronavirus, and we will get through this together!

Episode 2- You Can't Fix What You Can't See

Author and friend, Karen Cornwell, who has spent her career in technology, joins us to talk about her new book “You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See.” She shares how we must learn to leverage gender diversity to improve innovation and drive top-line growth. Her book delivers a wealth of experience and combines aspects of neuroscience, psychology, sociology, and linguistics. We hope you will enjoy this conversation as we dig deeper into the many insights her book explores and the stories she shares.

Episode 3- Why Now May be the Best Time to Sell Your Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

Based on the blog post of the same title, in this podcast Kim Gaxiola, CFP® shares why NOW is a great time to consider selling your RSUs. In addition to reducing a concentrated equity position, we explore how tax-loss harvesting, rebalancing and diversification can make an impact on your long-term investment strategy. If you’d like to learn more, please be sure to contact us to explore your own situation.

Episode 4- Will Schools Re-Open This Fall?

The closing of schools across the country this Spring has led to a great deal of uncertainty on the re-opening of schools this fall and the future of education. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, how has the shift to online education and changes in acceptance criteria affect the value and experience of college education?

As many listeners of this podcast know, our daughter Mika is a senior in high school and this podcast centers around our own personal conversations and the options we are considering for her future. We know we are not alone with the anxiety and expectations that come with a such a big decision and hope that you will find some options to consider for your own children in this podcast.

Episode 5- The Uncertain Future of the College Experience

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to take hold our lives, the future of education and the college experience for students remains stalled and uncertain. This past month the California State University Schools announced that Fall classes would be entirely on-line, and more and more high school graduates are choosing to defer starting college and taking a gap year to wait things out.

As a follow up and continuation of our last podcast, Ava Silva, our intern and current Santa Clara University Freshman, and Mika Gaxiola, our daughter and high school senior join us to provide their perspectives on the future of college education.

Episode 6- The Benefits of a Health Savings Account (HSA)

At TechGirl Financial we NOW have the ability to manage Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and wanted to share the many benefits that they offer to those that are eligible to participate. In this podcast we review the benefits, share who’s eligible, how much you can contribute each year, and how to make the most of your account

As a listener, you are part of the process and we encourage you to ask questions, make comments and offer suggestions for future shows. To participate, please send an e-mail to or join the conversation on Twitter with Victor Gaxiola (@victorgaxiola) and Kim Gaxiola (@kimgaxiola) using the hashtag #AskTGF. We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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