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The TechGirl Financial Podcast - Season 1

Designed specifically for Women in Technology the “TechGirl Financial Podcast,” provides financial planning and wealth management insights empowering listeners to live a work-optional lifestyle.

The program curates current financial themes, discusses important investment and planning concepts, and candid interviews with clients, partners, and industry thought leaders.

Episode 1- Welcome to the TechGirl Financial Podcast

In the first episode we introduce listeners to the TechGirl Financial Podcast and its hosts Victor & Kim Gaxiola. From their home office in California, the duo will share the reasons for the podcast, their background, and what listeners can expect in future episodes.

Episode 2- Introducing Breaking Money Silence®

In this episode we introduce listeners to a four part discussion based on the book Breaking Money Silence®, by author Kathleen Burns Kingsbury. Together we explore the challenges individuals face when it comes to talking about money at home and in the workplace.

Episode 3- Talking About Money: At Home- Couples

In this episode we continue talking about money and discuss how to break the silence with your spouse or significant other and the specific areas you may want to address together.

Episode 4- Talking About Money: Kids and Aging Parents

In this episode we address money challenges at home with your kids and aging parents, and invite our own teenagers, Mika and Noah to be part of the conversation around money, savings and spending.

Episode 5- Talking About Money: The Workplace

In our final episode we complete the talking about money series by focusing on the workplace and how you can break the silence to negotiate for better pay, flexibility and promotion.

Episode 6- KonMari Your Finances

In this episode, we discuss how you can spark joy and organize your finances by applying the KonMari Method created by tidying expert Marie Kondo- bestselling author and star of Netflix’s hit show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”, and founder of KonMari Media, Inc.

Episode 7- Meet Sammy Rabbit

In this episode, Sam X Renick, founder and creator of Sammy Rabbit joins us to share how he is teaching kids great money habits using songs, stories and activities that are both engaging and sticky. In our discussion we explore how Sam is empowering kids’ dreams and improving financial literacy through the development of great habits and strategic life skills.

Episode 8- The Buzz Around IPOs

In this episode, we discuss the buzz surrounding recent IPOs in Silicon Valley, and what investors and employees of these companies should consider when startups go public.

Episode 9- College Education Planning

In this episode we explore college education planning and how you can prepare for the rising cost of education without sacrificing your own retirement.

Episode 10- What If???

In this episode we explore how insurance is used to protect investors and their families due to an untimely death or disability and the high cost of long term care.

As a listener, you are part of the process and we encourage you to ask questions, make comments and offer suggestions for future shows. To participate, please send an e-mail to or join the conversation on Twitter with Victor Gaxiola (@victorgaxiola) and Kim Gaxiola (@kimgaxiola) using the hashtag #AskTGF. We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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